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The "FENYX GROUP" Charitable Foundation was founded in Ukraine in the city of Kyiv in 2020 by Israeli citizen Giladov Farage. The fund provided assistance to Ukraine in the amount of over €4 000 000 euros.

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About the fund

Before the war

Before the war in Ukraine Fenyx’s group invested 100% of resources to the initial mission that was to help orphan children by providing then health services, social activities, education and daily sport activities like: dancing, acrobatics and boxing.

After war

After war started our main specialization shifted to humanitarian help to all Ukrainian people in need with few main areas of focus.

Who our team members are?

Our team consist of: financial, law, media, IT, and marketing sectors that now more then ever all of us are volunteering with love and huge purpose for the Ukrainian people.

Gilyadov Faraj

The founder of the Charitable Foundation Fenyx Group, its ideological inspirer and philanthropist.

Matsiuk Victor

Director of the Fund, who coordinates and manages all the processes and directions, coordinates and structures the work.

Krasilnikov Mikhail

It is Mikhail, who delivers all the humanitarian aid to the most dangerous spots, in fact, to the front line to our soldiers and civilians in need.

Shirikova Ekaterina

Ekaterina carries out contacts at the international level with philanthropists and attracts funding for the realization of the activities of the Fenyx Group charitable foundation.

Dan Moliano

Manage a team of design, web-development, advertising and marketing specialists, as well as the NFT products of the fund.

Vyacheslav Kolesnik

Legal support of the fund's activities.

Tatyana Stetsyuk

Our financial director, who organizes and carries out financial planning of our fund

Fenyx Groups is

Help Ukraine
Help Ukraine

3 offices in Krakow (Poland), Romania (Bucharest), Moldova (Kishinev).

Help Ukraine
Help Ukraine

50 employees working side by side for Ukrainian Victory.

Help Ukraine
Help Ukraine

1000 volunteers in Lviv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Slavutich, Kyiv and Dnipro.

Help Ukraine
Help Ukraine

Established logistics network in Europe and Ukraine (cargo transportation) since Feb 24, 2022

What we do

Help Ukraine

We bring food products, means of hygiene, and protection for the needs of the cities of Ukraine that are in need: Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Slavutych, Brovary, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka - the list grows.

Help Ukraine

We support the territorial defense forces, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and all, who are not sparing themselves on the front line, fighting for democracy, peace, and the victory of the Ukrainian people. Each person on their own front brings the peace back again one step closer.

Fenyx Fund help statistics


Over 100 thermal and night vision sights and optics


10 American professional Parrot quadcopters with 32x zoom and thermal imaging

1 250

1 250 bulletproof vests of class 4+ according to European standards


11 modern ambulances


25 SUVs

1 000+

About 1 000 bandages, tourniquets, and other medical equipment for military personnel, civilians, and medical facilities

13 000+

More than 13 000 food kits were delivered to all cities and villages affected by hostilities, in particular to Kyiv Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, and Kharkiv Oblast.


We have already delivered more than 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The loads came from Poland, Romania, Austria, and Germany

10 000+

Our volunteer groups gathered more than 10,000 subscribers and like-minded people in Ukraine and abroad, uniting them into profile groups on social networks

300 000+

Our volunteer groups gathered more than 10,000 subscribers and like-minded people in Ukraine and abroad, uniting them into profile groups on social networks

Directions of help Fenyx Group


Center for psychological support, will provide an opportunity to help the victims of hostilities - children and adults; provide psychological support and rehabilitation to military personnel.

What do we need for this:


Funding to pay for the work of psychologists, rehabilitation specialists and sociologists. On average, 160 000 UAH per month. (about 5 000 USD)


Humanitarian help to brave civilian and military Ukrainians:

What do we need for this:

For the Ukrainian military:


Body armor, helmets, tactical glasses, uniforms, knee pads, summer shoes, tactical first aid kits.


Vehicles no older than 2010, pickup trucks and minivans to be delivered to the front lines.


Long-term storage food (special food for military personnel).

For civilian people in need:


Hygiene products.




Individual water filters and tablets for water disinfection.


Long storage food

For medical purposes:


Ambulances to ensure the evacuation of wounded soldiers and civilians from the combat zones.


Medicines for the civilian population affected by the hostilities and without the means to purchase medicines (anti-inflammatory drugs, antiviral drugs, blood pressure regulators, painkillers, and antispasmodics)

How to help Fenyx Group?

We accept both the goods themselves, which are indicated above, and the funds, which later go to the purchase of everything necessary.

What is next?

Our mission goes further. We are needed in many cities and towns of Ukraine, so we must continue helping.

It is more and more difficult for our team and philanthropists to ensure their responsibilities and obligations, so we ask all who can and have a wish to help!

If you can support Fenyx Group financially in the amount
that will be affordable for you - please do it!

Because helping one person you will save one life that is priceless, working with us you will save thousands of lives and bring the end of this war and our victory closer.

NFT project “Freedom to Ukraine”

By Fenyx Group & Ariel Fund

Fenyx Group and Ariel Charity Foundation started a collaboration “Freedom To Ukraine” . This is is a union that aims to raise funds to provide a strong rear for Ukraine and its people, who struggle for its freedom!

This NFT project was created to raise funds for people who stayed to defend Ukraine during the war and defend their country. Let families know that there is help and support so that they can continue to live in their homeland. Provide everything he needs during this difficult time, give hope for peace and a brighter future.

Fenyx Group and Ariel Charity Foundation

used to be engaged in the development, education, treatment, and support for orphans and children from low-income families in every possible way. But the Russian war started and our realities changed very quickly. Now we have combined all our efforts and means to help those in need. We provide charitable assistance not only to children, but also to the army and the wounded, doctors, refugees, and pensioners.

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Fund requisites for Donates

Let's help together!

Saving the life of one may not change the world but the world will surely change for this one. We are helping to save many lives.

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        If you have the opportunity to support in any way or you want to become our volunteer - also join the link below. We believe that by uniting and working side by side, we will cope with this! Glory to Ukraine!

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